The Dixon Farmhouse I

Room #1: Living Room + Details

Hello everyone!


A quick recap over our last few months: we sold the city and returned to the country. We bought a farmhouse on 10 acres and are slowly but surely making it our own. And the first room I would like to share with each of you is the living room!


I posted a quick before and after of this space on my Facebook page already, but I really wanted to do a more in depth post with details, source links, etc. So here I am!


Before we get to that, here is the "before"...



While I actually really loved the previous wall color, I decided I wanted to go as light and bright as possible. My compromise was to keep the trim color the same because it blends so beautifully with our sofa and then paint the walls in Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Without further ado, the "after"!


I love how open and airy it is!



My taste in my own home is truly eclectic with the mix being between vintage and modern. I can't get enough of that unique vintage one-of-a-kind flavor while still holding true to the contemporary clean lines that I love. 



Shop-able links below the images!

Here is another "before"...


And "after"!




We are loving every second of this new adventure, stay tuned for more to come!


How-To: II

How to Hang Drapery Panels in 5 Easy Steps

Hello everyone! 


I'm here today to talk about how to hang those dreaded drapery panels. Have you attempted that Pinterest-Worthy look only to have it fall flat? Well don't worry, I have outlined my step by step process below (all designers do things differently, this is just my personal preference) and hope you are able to follow along to recreate the look for yourself. 


Let's get started!



STEP ONE: Measure the drapery panel length needed for your window.


I like to get a ballpark measurement and then order the closest stock curtain panel I can. The panel should be hung higher than the window to create height in the space and should at least meet the floor. There isn't a standard measurement above the window that I like, it all depends on the window size and ceiling height. For example, if there isn't a huge space between the top of the window and the ceiling or ceiling trim, then I like to hang my rod as close to the ceiling/trim as possible. If the ceilings are really high, I usually get somewhere between 12"-24" above the top of the window. Again, it is a flexible range and I always try to find a stock panel that is ready to order in a length within that range. 



STEP TWO: Measure the width of curtain rod you need. 


The drapery panels should hang outside the window edge as shown in the diagram below because you don't want the panel blocking any natural light. Therefore, your rod needs to be wider than your window width. I usually add 24" to my window width to get my needed rod width. For example, if your window is 36" wide then you need a rod that is 60" wide. With the panels hanging high and wide, they will create the illusion of a much bigger window. And make a bigger statement as a result!


If you are dressing bay windows or two windows in a corner, you'll need to be sure your rod reaches the middle of the space between the two windows and then use a connector. 




STEP THREE: Attach the drapery rings to the top of the panels. 


If using clip rings (my typical go-to), I like to pinch the fabric in a way that creates faux pinch pleats. There are two ways to accomplish this. You can either attach the clips to the tops of the panel folds or attach the clips to the back of the panel folds, both shown below. Either way looks great, completely a personal preference. Clip rings are my favorite because they're inexpensive and versatile while still giving a custom look. 


 You could also use drapery hooks instead of clips, use grommet panels which require no rings at all, or feed the rod through the rod pocket, but in my opinion this is the best look for the most reasonable price. 





Put one of the panels onto the rod and hold the rod up until the panel meets the floor. My hubby is my main man when it comes to hanging rods and he holds the bracket against the wall with one hand and places the rod into the bracket with the other hand. This allows me to see that the bracket is the correct height to keep the panel grazing the floor. Then he hands the rod back to me while keeping the bracket in place on the wall so he can make a small mark inside the screw hole opening.


This gives us our VERTICAL bracket placement only. Then we use a stud finder to move left and right from the original mark to ensure the bracket goes into a stud for stability. This gives us our HORIZONTAL and FINAL bracket placement. While the vertical placement must be the same for both brackets on each side of the window (we shoot a laser level across to be sure), the horizontal can be slightly different in order to be in a stud. When using drapery rings, the brackets will be hidden within the rings disguising any discrepancies in the horizontal placement. Hubby also triple checks everything and even shoots the laser up and down to see that his 2 marks are vertically level for each bracket. 


This is the method we use BECAUSE KIDS. It is the most stable and I never close my curtain panels so the rings don't need to slide past the brackets. If you want to be able to close your drapery panels, the brackets need to be flush with the finials on each outside edge.



STEP FIVE: Put the rod in place in the brackets. 


Put both panels on your rod and gently place in the brackets. Move the rings around the bracket until you're satisfied with their placement and then tighten the stability screws on each bracket to keep the rod in place. Remember, if you want to be able to close your draperies, all rings should be inside the brackets on each side. I also use a steamer to steam the wrinkles and creases out of my draperies. This always makes a HUGE difference in how they hang!



And that's it! Five easy steps to hanging drapery panels. I welcome your comments and questions! I hope this gives you the nudge you needed to tackle the windows in your home. 






S Project - Take II


Hi everyone!


Long time no see! I have such a fun space to share with all of you today. This master bedroom project was completed a while back but it was so dark by the time we finished that "after" shots were out of the question. Then Harvey hit and you probably know how that went down. All that to say, I finally traveled back to capture the goodness! This is the second project I've done for this lovely couple and there is nothing that can make you feel accomplished like someone wanting to invite you back into their home for a second time. And I LOOOOOVE how this room turned out!


Before we see, take a look at this "before" shot taken hastily during our initial meeting over this space as we were rearranging furniture and making notes and envisioning all of the fun things we wanted to bring to this super fun room...



And here it is now!



We added window treatments, a round shag rug, retro floor lamps, throw pillows, and a cow hide stool to amp up the wow factor in this already awesome master bedroom. 


And check out these fab SHOP by Dixon pillow covers!



We also added this enormous custom framed beauty called The Horse In Motion by Eadweard Muybridge. It is so huge and so stunning, wow factor indeed. 



This space is FULL of interest and personality. Yet another wonderful touch shown here with heirloom instruments...



I had a fantastic time working on this bedroom and I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the final product! A few more for the road...



Have a great week!


Entry Install



We just completed the most gorgeous entry and I am THRILLED to share. We worked with the most amazing clients who gave us such freedom over this space and we made some magic happen! This project is full of style, flavor, and personal touches. Before I show you, take a look at the "before"...



We replaced the builder grade flush mount light fixtures with bronze and crystal pendants, added the entry table arrangement, and had precious family photos printed on canvas and framed on the wall opposite. Without further ado...



Isn't it lovely?! The entry table was a HomeGoods STEAL and I replaced it's boring black plastic knobs with some beauties on sale from Pier 1! It is hard to tell from this shot, but this entry is huge. That table is looooooong and tallllll.



So in love with all of the gorgeous vases and THOSE BOOK ENDS. If you know me even a little, you know I have a very strong affection for books. Books are my love language. These are decorative hardcover classics and really add a fun touch to this arrangement.



The black frames on each side of the stunning 3-foot-in-diameter-mirror (EEK) house maps of each city this beautiful family has lived. This adds such a personal, family touch! I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.



Across the way, we hung the family photos I mentioned before inside the art niche. These came out great and really showcase this family while still holding true to gorgeous design lines. The barnwood frames are so unique!



We had so much fun together on this project and hope you guys love it as much as we do. Check out the adorable SHOP by Dixon pillow covers in those parsons chairs!   And just look at that pendant. I mean, that's good stuff.



Thanks for stopping by! Hit the Facebook icon to share if you love it... Who's next?!


Farmhouse Project Reveal



This project was crazy fun and I am too excited to share it with all of you! Client K wanted FARMHOUSE and FARMHOUSE is what she got!


We completely revamped her living space, designed a custom cabinet with Joelle of Jo Jo Bean's Corner for the entry, and added new lighting in the kitchen and breakfast room. Client K already had quite a few gorgeous pieces and really just needed some tweaking and a few finishing details to pull everything together.


Let's start in the entry shall we? Here is the before...



And here it is now!



I cannot say enough awesome things about this cabinet. Nobody does attention to detail like Joelle. She listened to every single request and turned our vision into something more beautiful than we even pictured!


Paired with mercury glass lamps, herringbone patterned shades, and priceless family photos, this cabinet is a true stunner.



Let's stroll on through to the living room! Here is a quick before...



And here it is now!



We changed out the loveseat for a rich, brown leather sofa, found a natural jute rug, throw pillows (the check are sold over at SHOP by Dixon!), window treatments, side tables, lamps, you name it.


This room really transformed before our eyes and it was so gratifying to see how much Client K loooooves her new space.



In the kitchen and breakfast room, we changed out the following light fixtures...






These clients were such sweet people and I'm so thankful they invited me into their gorgeous home. Here is one last shot before I go!




So what do you guys think?! Until next time!



Current Client Showcase


Hello friends!


I just wanted to give all of you a small look into two of the fun projects I have been working on for my super sweet clients. These projects are both Designer Led which means lots of shopping and installing in my future!




First up is the #colorbonanza that is this Client Led + Designer Led client. My client wants a fun and funky palette of orange, kelly green, navy, black, white, you name it, it's in there. I am loving this project so so much because this amount of color can bring a ton of LIFE into a home and into my job for sure.


This board showcases our plans for the kitchen and living areas including a patterned tile backsplash, navy roman shades, patterned curtain panels, Kelly green barstools, and more. Next on the list is her master bedroom which will be an extension of this fun palette! Can't wait!



I'm also working on a Designer Led Package for another sweet couple who need some finishing touches to really pull their space together. This client loves all things farmhouse (I'm stretching her on the leather sofa but I think I have hubby on board!) and I looooooove where we are headed with these living room plans. Our first shopping day is already on the books and I'm looking forward to snagging some unique finds!



Those are just two of the FOURTEEN (Eek! I love my job!) clients I'm working with right now...if you are wanting to get on the books, now is the time. Next available appointments are starting in July!


I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside... Have an awesome Thursday!



Big News



It is so official. We have finally done it. The day is here. I can't even wait to tell you. Are you getting annoyed yet? Ok fine...


DESIGN by Dixon is no longer operating solo! I  have teamed up with one of the sweetest gals you ever did meet, who is now my assistant in all the things, TERA (yay!),  and we are proud to announce  our newest endeavor...


SHOP by Dixon!



AHHHHH! I am so happy the news has finally broke and I get to share this awesome new adventure with you guys. We will initially be offering pillow covers only but I assure you that more is to come. These covers are handmade in New York and they are TO DIE. Everyone needs one. Or ten.


The style suits the ladies and the price keeps the hubbies happy. It's basically a win-win and a household necessity. I wouldn't lie to you.  



Those featured are just a few of our goodies. Go see them all! Head on over to our Facebook page, SHOP by Dixon, for more details and to shop the SHOP!


Until next time...



One Year

A Year in Review


I can't even believe I am here. What a ride!


It has been exactly one year since I began Design by Dixon. After countless suggestions from family and friends over the years to become a professional interior designer, I finally took the plunge. And I am so glad I did. I could not have made it this far without my closest people encouraging and supporting me. And someone please stand up and give my husband/investor/installer/mover/driver/biggest fan a monumental round of applause! What a sweet man I have married who has held my dreams in the palm of his hand and given me every opportunity to thrive. (I'm not crying. YOU'RE CRYING.)


This past year has taught me so much and I am incredibly thankful for each and every sweet client that I have worked with. With all of that being said, I thought a "year in review" post showcasing each project was just the thing to celebrate how fabulous YEAR ONE has been.


Take a look!



And in the midst of all of my Designer Led Projects, I also completed a ton of Client Led Packages as well. Here are a few of my favorite boards!



I hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past year. And YEAR TWO already has some crazy exciting things in the works!


Stay tuned over the next few weeks for a big announcement...



Dixon VIII

Breakfast Nook Reveal

Good afternoon!


I am super excited to share this space with all of you. We have lived in this house coming up on two years now and I had done basically zilch in the breakfast nook. I never loved any of the pieces in the space and other areas seemed to trump it on the decorating priority list.


With the nudge of a sweet and incredibly talented design friend (after her listening to my incessant whining about how much I despised that room), I got off the sidelines and got to work!


Before you see the final product, check out these before shots (and my sweetie sweeping!)...



And here it is now!


I wanted some interest without adding a ton of pieces to this space, so I went with a crazy patterned paint technique on the walls. You guys know I have a strong affection for painted accents.



My goal is to find pieces that look high end without the high end price tag. Feel me? On that note, it doesn't get any better than this enormous, funky, fun light for SIXTY DOLLARS. I would say that's some good bang for your buck paired with these AHEM forty dollar chairs. Thank you very much.



I moved in the hide rug from my son's room and I love love love how it looks under my new table. It brings such a neat flavor.


And are you ready for this...



I know I birthed them, but man those kids are cute.



Add in a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers and done.



We are thoroughly enjoying our new space and I am so glad I finally bit the bullet and tackled this odd corner!


What do you guys think??



Shared Boys Room

Boy Room Reveal


You guys are going to flip over this space. Two brothers, two different interests, but equal style and pizazz. This shared boys room is so fun, masculine, and unique. It was a pleasure to design and I am thrilled to share it with all of you. Definitely a must-see.


Take a look!



I seriously can't get enough. I have looked at these shots over and over, absolutely thrilled with the end result we accomplished. We wanted to highlight the things each boy loves so we incorporated sports with nature, including everything from animal mounts, to bird egg and rock collections, to sports sheets and trophies. This room has it all. Bonus that they both love it as much as I do!



The copper lamps with the rust piping on the throw pillows makes me want to sing. Every color and detail in this room works together so beautifully. And can we take a minute to talk about those animal canvas tapestries. I mean, stunning right?! 



I also chose these stainless shelves to give the boys a place to display their treasures and I love how it really showcases their personalities. And I found this darling wood leaf bowl which works perfectly in here!



On the back side, an all boy gallery wall was just the ticket to finish off this incredible project. Funny sayings, animal mounts, darling photos, and a metal envelope for all of the love letters they'll inevitably be getting, and more!


They basically gagged when I told them this.



I had so much fun designing a room for these cool guys. I hope all of you enjoyed the tour as much as I enjoyed showing you. Contact today to get your project next on the list!



Here's one more look before you go because it is just too delicious to only see once!



Until next time...



Granny Dear

A New Look for a Precious Lady


Hello friends!


My sweet, deserving Grandmother (AKA Granny) got herself some new vibes. Her master bedroom was decorated 20 years ago in a Victorian theme and she felt like it was time to treat herself to a fresh look. Enter DBD! This project has had many hands between painting, removing wallpaper, cleaning, and design. We are planning more in the future but I couldn't wait to share our progress!


Scroll on down and take a look at the before shots...



And here is her brand new room!



We kept her current bed and nightstands and simply added new paint, bedding, lamps, curtain panels, and a fun bench. This small refresher packs a huge punch!



I also took it upon myself to dip into her master bathroom as well and added a new shower curtain and these crazy fun (custom by me) hooks! Not gonna lie, they may be my favorite thing.



That's all for now! I love how this space turned out and even more thrilled that my Grandmother is completely delighted with the look!


Until next time...



How-To Post I

How To Paint a Mountain Mural


Hello friends!


I thought I would start a new How-To series as a fun way to share the ins and outs of some of my projects. First on the list, the mountain mural!


Remember this beauty I painted in my daughters' shared room?



Now you  can have the same look (full room details here) by following these simple steps!




Spackle (to patch any previous holes)

Dust rag

Flat head screwdriver

Wide painter's tape

Paint (I wanted two colors in a neutral grayscale, one dark and one light)

1 small roller

1 big roller

2 paintbrushes for tape edges/trim work




1) Prep the wall for paint. Spackle any holes, dust the wall with a rag or t-shirt, and use the screwdriver to remove any outlets or light switch covers.


2) Use wide painter's tape to tape off the shape you want for your mountainscape (this is a made up word but it seems fitting!). I wanted a more graphic, abstract look for my mountains but this can be done in so many ways! Don't be afraid to experiment with the tape, after all, it pulls right off.


Also of note, excuse my terrible, dark, dingy, iPhone photos in this post. I promise to do better by you next time.



3) Paint time! I used the small roller for the middles of the lighter gray sections and then a brush on the edges next to the tape. This helps keep the paint from running underneath the tape. On the bottom section, I used a big roller for most of the space and then another brush next to the tape, baseboards, and door trim.


I chose to use the lighter of my two paint colors for the background mountains and the darker color for the bottom section. Again, use your imagination! This doesn't even have to be mountains. It can be a fun, colorful, abstract wall if you like! You really can't go wrong. Especially in a child's room!



4) Once both sections have been completely painted, slowly remove the tape. This is what gave me a nice thick line between my colors. Use thinner tape if you want a smaller space! I went back with my brushes to smooth out any imperfections along the tape lines.



My oldest daughter loves her mountain wall SO MUCH. She thinks it's super cool and her twin brother is very upset that he doesn't have a mountain wall as well. This project was fast, easy, and cheap. Huge bang for the buck!



I would love to see your photos if you tackle this project in your own home! Please share!


Until next time...




Nursery Reveal


This project is near and dear. My sweet baby nephew's nursery is now complete! Using their current furniture (painted by J's Finds!) and wall color, I added finishing touches to pull the entire look together.


Before we get to the reveal, check out where we started!



And here it is now!



Bamboo shades, fun panels, new rods and hardware, love love love. I can't get over how perfect the colors work together on these window dressings. The gold with the dark greige walls and the added interest of the wood shade. Yum.



And how stinking cute are these baby animals?!



Next to the crib I added a tripod lamp and white picture frame ledges for books that are easily seen and accessible! Really happy with the way this corner turned out. Clean and simple but full of flavor.



We may add a few pieces along the way such as a faux tree, oversized safari animals, etc but for now, #PBaby's nursery is DONE! This space was so fun to design and I love having my own special touch in this adorable room.



Until next time!



Dixon VII

Shared Girls Room Reveal


Hello again!


Yesterday I shared the reveal of our son's new big boy room (scroll down to see if you missed it!) and today I am sharing our sweet girls' room. Having twins means that each wants what the other has. So in that spirit, I kept their rooms very similar using a black, white, beige, and gray palette along with complimentary design elements such as pennant banners, black paint, bedding, etc.


Take a look!



I painted the headboard (someone was throwing this baby to the curb!), nightstand, and lamps black and kept the same bedding we had before. I love the contrast!


The gold mirror is a $20 steal from Canton and the white dresser belongs to my grandmother. Ikea curtains, crib, and toy storage. Need a room done on a budget, I'm your girl!



On my big girl's side, I hung paintable wallpaper and then carried that same color around the room into "mountains" (I use the term loosely) on the baby's side.



These precious pictures were taken by yours truly in our backyard and then printed as posters. Hung with adorable push pins! Frugal and fun.



One thing still to add, two white wall lamps (identical to the black ones I used in our son's room) over the nightstand. As I said, they like the same things! Hopefully I will get to that next week.



Here is one last look at both rooms! So in love.



This switch up was fun and fast and just what I needed to start the year off right. The kids are having a blast with it and I'm enjoying a new look for 2017.


Who's next?!



Dixon VI

Big Boy Room Reveal


This project was SO MUCH FUN. I have boy/girl twins and let's just say, the time had come to separate their rooms. They have shared since birth (and even before!) and the arguing had reached an all time high. My husband and I decided that giving them their own spaces might be just the thing to bring a little peace to the Dixon Home.


Here is a quick shot of the "before" when this room was a nursery for our youngest daughter...



And here it is now!



Our boy is absolutely in love with his new room! I went with the Ikea Kura bed for him and could not be happier with the way it turned out. He also has push button wall lamps and he is OBSESSED with turning them on and off by himself.



We moved all of our wood stained Ikea spice rack bookshelves into his room as well as the toy storage,  hide rug, PLAY letters, and deer head. The bug curtains are also Ikea that I have had stashed in my collection for a while and this morning I picked up the black pennant banners! They really add such a cool touch to his neutral walls.  



Do you just love it?! I'm so happy with the way it came together. What do you think??



That's all for today! Coming next, DIXON GIRLS!




#DeckTheHalls Reveal


Let it be Christmas!


Take a quick tour around the seasonal décor I installed this afternoon for the sweetest client! We went with simple gold and silver details for a clean and classy look.


Come on in!



Up the stairwell, I chose this gorgeous draping garland with berries and pinecones. It hung so beautifully on the banister!



Inside I did two sparkling wreaths, trifle bowl poinsettias, and of course, the tree!



Pretty obsessed with the white birds and fur skirt. I just can't help myself. I like a little quirk in my work.



Not to be left out, the balcony also got some garland love!



Merry Christmas to you and yours this season from Design by Dixon.


Be blessed!




#SProject Full Reveal


I could not be more excited to share this project with all of you! This sweet family was an absolute joy from day one of this contract and it was such a wonderful treat to work for them! 


Mrs. S loves FUN neutrals (a girl after my own heart!) and wanted to incorporate that love into her main living spaces. We added a new sofa, rug, chairs, poufs, art, pillows, window treatments, lamps, and more!


Before we hit the goods, check out where this space started...



And now...



Did your heart skip a beat? I mean, is this room stunning or what? THOSE BARN DOORS. I so wish I could take credit but Mrs. S already had those babies on the list and I simply had the joy of photographing them. I could not be more pleased with how this project came together. Everything feels intentional and in it's place.


Now let's take a short turn into the breakfast area and see the new lighting and gorgeous window treatments. I am always so amazed at what a huge difference these treatments make. And that light! Love.




Next let's skip over to the dining and entry for a look at those new light fixtures as well.  And we added some unique wall décor in the entry with lots of flavor!



Back in the living space, pillows and greenery were added to her current bench seating area to pull this look together. I may have tried to load that bench into the truck...



I hope you enjoyed looking at this project reveal as much as I enjoyed designing it!



Until next time...



Kirtley I

Kirtley Project Reveal




This project was so darn fun. Mrs. Kirtley wanted a full on farmhouse Fixer Upper master bedroom and Design by Dixon is here to please. I quickly contacted a friend and builder, owner of Jo Jo Bean's Corner (go see her on Facebook!), to build me a 7 foot tall shiplap looking king size headboard. No biggie.




But before we get to that, check out this before shot...



And here it is now! EEK!



This headboard is seriously the stuff dreams are made of. I mean, are you kidding me Jo Jo Bean's Corner?!! It is even more stunning in person. Simply gorgeous. Everybody go message her right now and get yourselves a headboard.



I scored these fabulous mirrors from At Home and decided that hanging wreaths with fun ribbons would really add to the farmhouse feel. So easy but it really adds a huge punch.



I also jazzed up these gray nightstands with some new knobs! So cute.



Fun throw pillows, buffalo check panels, and woven baskets with a funky cool throw all work to pull this fabulous room together. I am so smitten and The Kirtleys were beyond thrilled with their new space.



What do you guys think?? Who's next?


More coming soon...






Get ready for the cutest thing ever.


I partnered with the coolest homeschool mom and helped design a super fun, kid friendly, and most importantly FUNCTIONAL schoolhouse for her four precious kiddos. This family is so super sweet and now they have the perfect place to focus on learning.


Check it out!



This homeschool mama had several wish list items including a large table, rolling chairs, functional maps, a learning calendar, supply organization, a comfy reading nook, marker boards, a kid-friendly clock, mini fridge and more!



Clear plastic canisters and chalkboard labels were just the ticket for easy to reach supplies! And how AWESOME are these chairs?!



We also wanted to add a special touch to this space with a few sayings that really show the heart of this family. And these frames couldn't be any sweeter!



So what do you guys think of the #homeschoolhouse??



LOTS more Design by Dixon projects coming your way SOON!

No reason not to add yours to the list ;)




Oh Boy!




Some friends and I just hosted the most precious baby shower that ever lived. We wanted to give our sweet friend something different than the norm, so we went with an evening dinner party saturated with style.


This Mama-to-be is the most adorable thing on the whole entire planet and her shower was no less.


Take a peek.



Cypress tree branches, pine cones, antlers, gold candlesticks, and vintage glassware really bring this tablescape to life. Just goes to show that paper plates, napkins, and plastic-ware can still do the trick in the right setting!



Our menu was all about BBQ Chic and I think the chefs of our group totally nailed it. But I have to say that the cake stole the show. That thing was a straight up stunner.



The girls and I just had the best time planning this shower. It was everything and more for a wonderful and deserving mother, which is all we ever wanted.


Until next time...




Kendleton Farms Reveal




You're going to love this transformation. Some friends and I banded together to design a new living space for the employees of #KendletonFarms. This place is a refuge for victims of sexual exploitation. A place of solitude and healing where recovery and independence is found.


What better place to work some pro bono design magic to give them a cozy, calm place to relax and unwind? Big BIG thanks to the sweet people at Ascend Performance Materials for the grant needed to make this room a reality!


Before we get into the reveal, take a look at the before shots! Also, I normally don't include myself or others in my photos but being a charity project, we got our hands a little dirty!



And here is this precious place now!



Absolutely brand new EVERYTHING. Rug, sofa, pillows, chair, all of it. You can still see the ridges of the freshly unrolled rug! We hope this room is the go-to when these people doing hard, AWESOME work need a place to decompress.



It was a tough race, but I think the ottoman/bench/coffee table is my favorite piece! It is so fun and unique and full of flavor.



Thankful for the opportunity to bless someone doing mighty work. And for these girls who can fluff a pillow and style a tray like no one else!



We worked so hard on this room and hope that it is everything and more for the people at #KendletonFarms! What do you guys think?!



Dixon V

Dixon Rearrange

Hey Guys!


So I went on a rampage and rearranged my entire living room last night. Check it out below! I've also come to the conclusion that I need a pool table in the open space by the front windows.


Some say sickness, I say passion!



I'm loving having the wingbacks in here! It makes everything feel much cozier. And you know me, give me pillows and throw blankets and I'm a happy girl.



Seeing my wallpaper peeking through my master door is one of my favorite design elements. Such a fun touch of whimsy!



And this jack-o-lantern is totally my humor. I seriously crack up every time I look at him too long. It's like we are making eye contact.



What do you guys think? See why I need a pool table now? It feels necessary.


Stay tuned for more DBD projects!



Dixon  IV

Home Goodies


Hey there folks!


My parents gifted us (okay I begged) with a kid free weekend and you can probably guess how I spent it. I can't help myself! Hubby and I cherished every moment together AND I added some goodies to our home. Can you really blame me?


Take a look!


This super fun AND BIG clock practically leapt into my basket at Home Goods. And my mantle called out to it the moment it entered my home.



I've also been on the hunt for fall garland since August basically (I'm being dramatic) and stumbled upon this at Home Goods as well! Totally gives my stairs some punch. I've FALLen in love. Pun alert.


And Target had these awesome lamps so of course I bought two. They're flanking our TV and I absolutely love the modern flair they add to my family room.



Next up...botanicals! Planning to change my wreath for each holiday of the year! We'll see how well I stick to that plan.



Moving outdoors, my porch got this fun little fall flair added today. I'm a tiny bit obsessed. I keep opening the front door and peeping out. So cute.



LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, ta-da! My garage sale patio chairs. I recovered them in black outdoor fabric and then found these fun outdoor pillows from At Home. Marshmallow roast going down when we get our babies back!



Hope you enjoyed this little tour around my home.


Come back and see me!



Collins Project


Hey Guys!


I wanted to share my latest completed project with all of you, so here it is! Mrs. Collins needed a little help simply pulling her family room together. She already has gorgeous furniture and a stunning floor to ceiling rock fireplace. But with everything being in a neutral palette, Mrs. Collins wanted to add a pop of color along with window treatments and a few accessories.


Everything she tried just wasn't doing it for her. Enter Design by Dixon!


Take a look.


Cobalt was the winner in the pop of color race. Was it really even a competition? By adding throw pillows, a new lampshade, patterned rug, and window treatments, this room will take on a whole new level. A few patterns and an interesting color can make all the difference.


Mrs. Collins also found this fantastic and HUGE horse canvas to go on her fireplace and I think I am just as antsy for it to arrive as she is!



There are several other spaces to go in the #CollinsProject so keep on the lookout for more of this

beautiful home. 


Who's next?


Project Peace

Ms. Cordani and #ProjectPeace

Hi there!

I have a fun project to share with all of you today. My latest client, Ms. Cordani, saw a project reveal on my Facebook account and fell in love with the neutral, cozy colors. She contacted me and said how much she would love to be able to walk into a space like that after work each day.

Here's the kicker though, she lives QUITE far from me. Good thing I offer a Client Led Package ;)

We discussed that she desired a calm, serene, tranquil space filled with neutral colors and a hint of blue or green. And a little coastal decor included would be a fun bonus! I set to work with her must-haves, measurements, and budget straight away.

Take a look at where we landed!


Here is another look at some of the products hand picked for Ms. Cordani's space. She was given a furniture layout to scale along with an interactive shopping list and detailed instructions on product placement. All within her wishes!


Now that #ProjectPeace is a wrap, let's get your space on the books! Contact today!



Design Steals



So I stumbled upon the Nordstrom Summer Clearance Sale and I found some AWESOME home related goodies to share with all of you!


Click the clearance image for the full sale, Happy Shopping!


Below I have some super fun and FRUGAL  buys for you! The napkins shown are all cloth and come in a set of 4. Perfect for your next shower, birthday, dinner, whatever. You can't go wrong with a good cloth napkin.


I also included the most precious Kate Spade bowl you have ever seen. You need this.




Next we have bedding, metal, and MERCURY GLASS. Sign me up. By the way, Nordstom offers free shipping and free returns so really you have no excuse. Buy the lamp.





Need something more specific? Contact today for a consultation!


Let me shop for the perfect item for you and take away the stress. Win, win for everyone!



Leavins II

Leavins Project Reveal


Hi Everyone!


We put the finishing touches on the #LeavinsProject and I am so excited to show you! Mrs. Leavins needed final design details in several rooms of her already gorgeous home. We added window treatments, bedding, and more!


The first room I want to share with you is dubbed the "Antique Room". We added bedding and window treatments in this room and I could not be more thrilled with the results.


Take a look!




The bedroom set, totally fun elephant print, and white bedding were already residents of this space. I took those elements and ran with it! I added the throw pillows, blanket, and curtains to finish out the vibe. I love the way everything old and new works together to form one cohesive look.



Moving on to the front room! In this room, the gray quilt, lamp, and draperies were current residents so I worked from there and added the throw pillows, side table, the blanket at the foot of the bed, hung the animal head, and added the fun guest room prints.


So far so fun!



Next is the dining room. This room was already as precious as could be so we simply added window treatments. This curtain fabric is so thick and delicious, I wish all of you could see it in person!



From the dining to the master bath we go...


Mrs. Leavins has a pesky corner tub which can be tricky to design around. Luckily, I knew just the thing! Gauzy neutral panels and a corner rod were just the ticket.



Last but definitely not least, the master bedroom!


In here we finished the dresser vignette and added a bedroom bench. This room is stunning.


I could stare at these photos all day!



This project was a delight and The Leavins Family are forever friends. Loved working with them!


Your turn to talk! What do you think??




Downstairs Reveal


Hi there!


Today I'm sharing the beautiful home of Mrs. Berry. She loves gorgeous, traditional design but wanted to add in a little farmhouse flair to her lower level. With a mostly neutral palette to begin with, I added in some white and blue to brighten everything a bit and offer a brand new feel to the entire space.


This project was so fun for me because we mainly did furniture and wall décor rearranging and then added just a few simple touches to really pull the entire downstairs together. Mrs. Berry now has a space with a designer's touch while still maintaining her own style and flavor.


And without further ado...




Mrs. Berry and I both fell in love with these fabulous blue and white pillows! They're absolutely stunning and give this already beautiful sofa a new, fresh look.



And anyone who knows me, knows I'm a sucker for a pair of lamps. There wasn't much room for side tables, so floor lamps were the obvious choice for this space. We went with these bronze beauties and The Berrys have already said that they're probably never turning the overhead lights on again. Who could blame them honestly.



There are two more sofas on the other side of this space and they both now have the pleasure of housing these solid blue pillows. I also added these wood frames for a little rustic touch and the photos are from a Mother's Day vacay to Cancun.



If I'm not buying lamps, I'm buying baskets and I'm a firm believer that every family should have a basket of throw blankets in their living room. Snagged this little cutie from Home Goods and he almost didn't make it out of the Design by Dixon household.



Moving into the dining room, we wanted to add more sentimental family photos and also had a BIG wall to fill. So I went with these BIG beauties and I think they turned out so wonderful! These frames are 24x36 and anything smaller would have been overshadowed in this large space. I kept them simple by using sepia photos and white mats and I think they coordinate so nicely with Mrs. Berry's dining set.



On the table, I bought these fantastic lanterns and filled them each with a topiary. Then I placed them on this fun runner with stripes and fringe! These may be my favorite purchase in this project.



I love how each piece brings its own unique flair but also works together with the current décor of the space. I feel like we accomplished the task of a small traditional/farmhouse update with a big impact. What do you think?







Design by Dixon

Office Reveal




Today you're witnessing my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants method that I employ in my own home. When I decide that something needs to change, I can no longer contain my ambitious design spirit. All the things must be done immediately.


So when I was fed up with our children never using their playroom to actually play, coupled with Design by Dixon galore literally spilling over the dining room table, I decided the playroom needed to become an office. Right that very minute.


So I set to work! Here is a before shot of the playroom:



And here is the new office!



The navy walls got a fresh coat of dark green paint, I added the gorgeous gray credenza, abstract art, gold lamps, a Craigslist table (for $20!!!), and a new desk chair courtesy of Marshalls.


The wall beside the door has built in shelving (previously housing toys) that I'm using to display all of our books, office supplies, paint chips, tile samples, etc. I'm also a sucker for a good ginger jar!



This credenza was purchased from Shabby Chic Texas and they did a stunning job! It contains file drawers for all of our paperwork as well as a cabinet in the middle for our tools, camera, etc. The lamps were thrifted from my favorite consignment and the canvas is a Home Goods special!



It is impossible to choose a favorite piece in this room but my new desk chair is running a pretty good race. It is incredibly comfortable and the tall back is perfect for people of a higher stature like my husband and myself. Give me nail heads or give me death.



And aren't the curtain panels to die?! Love, love, love the design.



We are so enjoying our new office space. It feels good to have reclaimed this room!


Maybe now we can get some work done.



So what do you think? Your space can be next. Any budget, any style, I'm your girl.


Contact today!



Bruns II

Bruns Gentleman Cave Reveal

Get your game face on. The Bruns Gentleman Cave has arrived.


In case you've forgotten, below are a couple of before shots to refresh your memory on where this project started.



Mr. Bruns desired a contemporary yet comfortable Gentleman Cave and I think this design was just the ticket. Below is the style plan and image board we nailed down together at the beginning of planning this space.



And here it is now!


This room is ready to entertain. In fact, a fantasy football draft is already on the schedule for this fun new space.



This room has it all and more is still to come, including a huge television to be mounted between the two brown leather chairs for all the game day glory Mr. Bruns can stand. As a TCU alum, this Frog Fort will be the unrivaled center of attention. What more could a guy want?



A few of the goodies I found for this project include black and cream diamond pillow covers, a monogrammed decanter set, a unique black and wood tripod floor lamp,  a faux hide rug, a custom piece of artwork, a plaid throw, and more.



I think Mr. Bruns will have a blast entertaining friends and family in this new, exciting Gentleman Cave. He was a pleasure to work with and had the cutest sidekick pictured below!



Comment below and tell me what you think! Your project could be next...



Bruns I

Gentleman Cave


Hello All!


Exciting things happening here at Design by Dixon. This project is for Mr. Bruns, a bachelor client in Houston, who desires a fun and inviting entertainment space for friends. He is strongly opposed to the term "Man Cave" so I'm turning this blank canvas of a room into a distinguished "Gentleman Cave". Below are shots of the "before" along with my style plan and image board for this space.


Check it out!



Below is the design board that Mr. Bruns and I nailed down together based on his desires for the space. He wanted to incorporate the purple accent wall into the design and I thought some gold and teal accents along with the gray scheme and wood furniture pieces would really bring it to life.



After we decided on the direction for this project through the creation of the design board, I set to work shopping for pieces that fit the future of this sleek Gentleman Cave. Below is the image board of actual items to be purchased and I could not be more thrilled at how this space is coming together.



Here are a few close ups of some of the stylish pieces going into this room to give you a better look. What do you think? Feeling like we hit the nail on the head in the fun but distinguished category. I would love to hear your thoughts!



More project updates coming your way soon. Stay tuned.


Leavins I

New Project Details and a Shopping Excursion


Hey Guys!


I'm off to the races on my next project! Crazy excited about this one. Designing several finishing touches to the home of dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. Leavins. These are the sweetest people on planet earth and working for them is a dream.


Mrs. Leavins wants window treatments in four rooms, bedding for two guest rooms, window seat décor, fun art, and a stunning dresser vignette. She has a love for color and texture in the rest of her home and I am bringing it into these spaces as well. I went on a shopping excursion to Home Goods yesterday and hit the major jackpot, some of which is pictured below. I can't wait to see how everything works in the gorgeous Leavins home. Check it out!


Bold, textured bedding and gray frames for custom prints. These pieces will hopefully find their home in the first of the two guest rooms.

Loving this colorful and vibrant bedding for the second guest room. It should look gorgeous with the current décor of the space.

This is a gem of a side table for the family room. Crossing my fingers that it works like a charm because I'm already in love.


Window treatments and more details on this project coming soon! Thanks for stopping by!



Nelson Estate

Nelson Estate: Board Reveal

Mrs. Nelson chose the Client Led Package for her family room and kitchen. This package includes a custom design board that is used as inspiration to build an interactive shopping list based solely on the client’s desires for the project space.


The image below is the design board that we created together to reflect the wishes of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. This board was the jumping off point in creating the shopping list for the family room. Mrs. Nelson wanted a mostly neutral traditional space with a few pops of blue. Her kitchen and breakfast area adjoin this room and have been incorporated into the design as well.

The following is the design board created for the breakfast area. Mrs. Nelson desired a bigger, lighter wood table and ladder back kitchen chairs. She also wanted to add some interest with blue patterned curtain panels.



After hammering out the details and direction through the creation of the design boards, I set to work shopping and building the following image collage of actual items to be purchased. These items reflect the design board perfectly as well as Mrs. Nelson's style and flair. All she has to do is purchase and place!



Below are just a few of my favorite items in this project. These pieces feel so fresh while maintaining the classic style that she loves. I can't wait to see the progress Mrs. Nelson makes on her #nelsonestate.


Small Scale Recliners

Navy Pouf

Throw Pillows

Iron Lamp

Coffee Table



That's it for this project! I had a blast and Mrs. Nelson was so easy to work with. Your project could be next. Contact today!


More from Design by Dixon coming your way soon!


Estep V

Estep Master: Reveal

Hey there!

The moment you've all been waiting for is here. The Estep Master Bedroom Phase 1 has been completed! In case you've forgotten where this room started...


And here it is now!
This room was so much fun to create and Mrs. Estep was a DOLL to work with. She desired a master bedroom in a neutral palette that felt luxurious but also cozy and warm. Phase 2 of this project will include a wood inlay on the ceiling, sconces on either side of the dressing mirror, and a wall mount for the television. In the meantime, the completion of Phase 1 is really something to behold.



I added simple but gorgeous glass lamps with beige drum shades, cream euro shams with wooden toggles, thick and comfortable quilts, a soft fur throw blanket, white drapery panels, and more. This room has layer upon layer of design goodness and every piece is a real treat.


A dressing mirror to end all dressing mirrors. We waited and waited and waited some more for this beauty to arrive and it did not disappoint.
The detail of the frame is even more beautiful in person. Sconces are on the list for Phase 2 and will add another whole dimension to the look of this wall.

 These fabulous custom framed prints are running a tight race with the dressing mirror for my favorite item in this project. Let's be honest, every piece in here is running a tight race for my favorite item. They're so fun but also sophisticated and completely unique to this room. Truly one of a kind!

This little cutie is the perfect size for a cozy reading nook without taking away from the other show stopping pieces in this room.
Paired with a fun floor lamp, leather pillow with a fringe trim, and soft striped throw, I may just bring a book and take a little break myself...


This project turned out so beautifully and I know

this sweet family will enjoy their newly designed space.


What do you think of Mrs. Estep's new master bedroom? Your room could be next on the project list. Give me a call today!

Stay tuned for more Design by Dixon projects!



Dixon III

Dixon Master Reveal


I am finished working on my master bedroom for the time being and wanted to share with all of you! In case you've forgotten where this room started...



And here it is now!


In the future, I would like to continue the wallpaper on all four walls and create a reading corner to the right of the basket.

Still so obsessed with these custom pillows. They are gorgeous and made with such care and attention to detail. Could not be happier with them.

This is a shot of the future reading corner I mentioned. Obviously, the bassinet won't be in our room forever but I am soaking up every second it is in here.

When it finds a new home, I'm looking to add a French Country style chair similar to this one along with a fun reading lamp or wall sconce.


Please comment and tell me what you think!



Dixon II

Pillow Love



Hello everyone!


I thought I would share a little #dixonmaster update. I found these fun pillow covers on Etsy and I think they just make the room. They're custom made and monogrammed with our initials.




I also added a gold sunburst mirror above my nightstand and I'm looking for one more to really fill out that space.


This room feels so fun, funky, and fresh and my new décor makes me never want to leave.


What do you think?


Dixon I

Dixon Master: Wallpaper Love

First of all, I promise the Estep Master reveal is coming SOON. Just waiting on a few finishing touches to arrive!


In the meantime, I've decided to work on my very own Dixon Master. As you can see, this room got the least attention when we moved into our home 7 months ago.

 My first goal for this space was to add some serious wall candy. I stumbled across this gorgeous wallpaper by Brewster from  and immediately the train was rolling full steam ahead. In one day the rolls arrived, tools were bought, and this gorgeous wallpaper was up.



This sweet happy place print was purchased from Hobby Lobby (75% off) and the lamp is one of a pair  that I purchased from Ikea. I also ordered this real touch faux palm plant from Love the vibe it brings to the space and it keeps my husband's side of the bed clean and simple.


I am totally obsessed with the busy, graphic design of the wallpaper. It gives my room such a cool punch and seems to bring my furnishings to life.  I'm still working on my nightstand and I have some fun bedding in the works as well that I will share soon...




One of my favorite things about this accent wall is that you can see just a peek of it from my living room and kitchen. LOVE.



Get with me today about that room you've been eyeing. I would be delighted to add a little Design by Dixon flair.


Would love to see your thoughts on this project in the comments!



Estep IV

Sneak Peek


I took a few things over to the Estep Master last night and I could not be more thrilled with how everything is turning out. Don't you just love it when that happens?!


This picture shows the gorgeous gold  mirror, luscious bedding, one of the new lamps, and the pop of pink in the nightstand flower. Beautiful, cozy, and soft.


In the corner of the room, I added this yummy upholstered chair, striped throw, and leather fringe pillow. Each piece has a different vibe but together they really showcase the unique style of this project.


I am so pumped to finish this room and share the big reveal! Stay tuned.


Estep III

Goodies and a Before Shot


I've been collecting tons of goodies for The Estep Master  and I'll be taking them over this week! Lamps, throws, bedding galore. Can't wait!


Stay tuned for a sneak peek before the big reveal later this month. It is going to be so delish!

Check out the 'before' shot to see where this room is starting. Most would kill for this beautiful starting point in itself but the end result will be phenomenal. You don't want to miss it!


Estep II

Design Board

This is the design board I created for The Estep's master bedroom.


Neutral but oh, so fun. This room is going to be peaceful and calm with a hint of spunk.


What do you think?


Estep IV