The Dixon Farmhouse I

Room #1: Living Room + Details

Hello everyone!


A quick recap over our last few months: we sold the city and returned to the country. We bought a farmhouse on 10 acres and are slowly but surely making it our own. And the first room I would like to share with each of you is the living room!


I posted a quick before and after of this space on my Facebook page already, but I really wanted to do a more in depth post with details, source links, etc. So here I am!


Before we get to that, here is the "before"...



While I actually really loved the previous wall color, I decided I wanted to go as light and bright as possible. My compromise was to keep the trim color the same because it blends so beautifully with our sofa and then paint the walls in Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Without further ado, the "after"!


I love how open and airy it is!



My taste in my own home is truly eclectic with the mix being between vintage and modern. I can't get enough of that unique vintage one-of-a-kind flavor while still holding true to the contemporary clean lines that I love. 



Shop-able links below the images!



We are loving every second of this new adventure, stay tuned for more to come!


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