Granny Dear

A New Look for a Precious Lady


Hello friends!


My sweet, deserving Grandmother (AKA Granny) got herself some new vibes. Her master bedroom was decorated 20 years ago in a Victorian theme and she felt like it was time to treat herself to a fresh look. Enter DBD! This project has had many hands between painting, removing wallpaper, cleaning, and design. We are planning more in the future but I couldn't wait to share our progress!


Scroll on down and take a look at the before shots...



And here is her brand new room!



We kept her current bed and nightstands and simply added new paint, bedding, lamps, curtain panels, and a fun bench. This small refresher packs a huge punch!



I also took it upon myself to dip into her master bathroom as well and added a new shower curtain and these crazy fun (custom by me) hooks! Not gonna lie, they may be my favorite thing.



That's all for now! I love how this space turned out and even more thrilled that my Grandmother is completely delighted with the look!


Until next time...


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