Dixon V

Dixon Rearrange

Hey Guys!


So I went on a rampage and rearranged my entire living room last night. Check it out below! I've also come to the conclusion that I need a pool table in the open space by the front windows.


Some say sickness, I say passion!



I'm loving having the wingbacks in here! It makes everything feel much cozier. And you know me, give me pillows and throw blankets and I'm a happy girl.



Seeing my wallpaper peeking through my master door is one of my favorite design elements. Such a fun touch of whimsy!



And this jack-o-lantern is totally my humor. I seriously crack up every time I look at him too long. It's like we are making eye contact.



What do you guys think? See why I need a pool table now? It feels necessary.


Stay tuned for more DBD projects!


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