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Hey there folks!


My parents gifted us (okay I begged) with a kid free weekend and you can probably guess how I spent it. I can't help myself! Hubby and I cherished every moment together AND I added some goodies to our home. Can you really blame me?


Take a look!


This super fun AND BIG clock practically leapt into my basket at Home Goods. And my mantle called out to it the moment it entered my home.



I've also been on the hunt for fall garland since August basically (I'm being dramatic) and stumbled upon this at Home Goods as well! Totally gives my stairs some punch. I've FALLen in love. Pun alert.


And Target had these awesome lamps so of course I bought two. They're flanking our TV and I absolutely love the modern flair they add to my family room.



Next up...botanicals! Planning to change my wreath for each holiday of the year! We'll see how well I stick to that plan.



Moving outdoors, my porch got this fun little fall flair added today. I'm a tiny bit obsessed. I keep opening the front door and peeping out. So cute.



LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, ta-da! My garage sale patio chairs. I recovered them in black outdoor fabric and then found these fun outdoor pillows from At Home. Marshmallow roast going down when we get our babies back!



Hope you enjoyed this little tour around my home.


Come back and see me!

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