Project Peace

Ms. Cordani and #ProjectPeace

Hi there!

I have a fun project to share with all of you today. My latest client, Ms. Cordani, saw a project reveal on my Facebook account and fell in love with the neutral, cozy colors. She contacted me and said how much she would love to be able to walk into a space like that after work each day.

Here's the kicker though, she lives QUITE far from me. Good thing I offer a Client Led Package ;)

We discussed that she desired a calm, serene, tranquil space filled with neutral colors and a hint of blue or green. And a little coastal decor included would be a fun bonus! I set to work with her must-haves, measurements, and budget straight away.

Take a look at where we landed!


Here is another look at some of the products hand picked for Ms. Cordani's space. She was given a furniture layout to scale along with an interactive shopping list and detailed instructions on product placement. All within her wishes!


Now that #ProjectPeace is a wrap, let's get your space on the books! Contact today!


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