Nelson Estate

Nelson Estate: Board Reveal

Mrs. Nelson chose the Client Led Package for her family room and kitchen. This package includes a custom design board that is used as inspiration to build an interactive shopping list based solely on the client’s desires for the project space.


The image below is the design board that we created together to reflect the wishes of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. This board was the jumping off point in creating the shopping list for the family room. Mrs. Nelson wanted a mostly neutral traditional space with a few pops of blue. Her kitchen and breakfast area adjoin this room and have been incorporated into the design as well.

The following is the design board created for the breakfast area. Mrs. Nelson desired a bigger, lighter wood table and ladder back kitchen chairs. She also wanted to add some interest with blue patterned curtain panels.



After hammering out the details and direction through the creation of the design boards, I set to work shopping and building the following image collage of actual items to be purchased. These items reflect the design board perfectly as well as Mrs. Nelson's style and flair. All she has to do is purchase and place!



Below are just a few of my favorite items in this project. These pieces feel so fresh while maintaining the classic style that she loves. I can't wait to see the progress Mrs. Nelson makes on her #nelsonestate.


Small Scale Recliners

Navy Pouf

Throw Pillows

Iron Lamp

Coffee Table



That's it for this project! I had a blast and Mrs. Nelson was so easy to work with. Your project could be next. Contact today!


More from Design by Dixon coming your way soon!

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